WindowCAD® - FAQ's

Frequently asked questions



Which browser do you recommend to run WindowCAD®?

We use Edge Chromium which uses the Google Chrome engine but any browser should work.

Can WindowCAD® be downloaded independently and used without a connection to the internet? Can I make a one off payment and install the software?

At the moment you will need an internet connection to use WindowCAD®. The software is only available as a subscription service and runs in your browser rather than being downloaded and installed.

WindowCAD® Accounts


We have more than one person who need to use WindowCAD® as well as sales reps on the road - do we need more than one account?

No you only need one account. You can have as many users as you like. You will all use the same username. However, you can purchase sub accounts for the standard account if you prefer to keep your users project's separate.

If some plans have a limited number of quotes, how does the software count 'quotes'?

A new quote in generated when a customer sends an enquiry in one of the retail versions of WindowCAD® or when you use the add or copy buttons in the office version.



We sell timber and aluminium windows and doors, can WindowCAD® do these?

Yes you can edit the profiles and products in your account settings to look like timber or aluminium. You can also apply varius wood textures.

I don't see the frame styles that we offer in WindowCAD®. Can these be added?

Yes you can add frame styles in your account settings. You can reorder them and choose which products can use them.



Can we add our own frame colours?

Yes you can edit the existing colours, rename then, add your own or reorder them in your account settings.

Can we customise the profiles and products to suit ours?

Yes you can edit the existing profiles and products, rename then, add your own or reorder them in your account settings.

Can we add our own hardware?

It's possible however you would need to aquire 3D models of the hardware, it then takes us a lot of work so there would be an additional charge for this.

Can we add our own unique items to a quote that dont necessarily need an image?

Yes you can set up your own ancillaries for the individual frames or for the whole project and these can include a price.