Who is WindowCAD for?

Sales reps

WindowCAD gives the customer the opportunity to get involved in the design process. Having a share in customising the product builds up their desire for it and makes it a 'must have'. The high quality visuals and detailed price breakdowns help the customer to find a balance between specifications and prices. This helps the customer meet their budget and increase the chances of a sale. If that doesn't win them over then impressing them by visualising their frames in 3D perspective on their own home is sure to. Issue a top quality quotation, complete with your company logo and details before leaving the house to get the customer signed up before the competition even gets a chance.

Sales reps can help customers deign windows and doors themselves


There's no need for any paper with WindowCAD. Just take out your tablet or phone, open WindowCAD and you'll find the current project with all the frames and information already completed by the sales representative. All that's required is quickly opening each frame up to finalise dimensions and add missing information. Just in case the customer has had a change of mind in for example frame colour; a new colour can be applied to the whole job and prices updated immediately. New documentation like contracts can be emailed or printed out on a mobile printer there and then. Slick and smart.

Surveyors can input sizes and get accurate pricing of a job

Your customers

Simplified web pages have been developed for windows, composite, patio and bi-folding doors. Your customers are directed to these from your website where they are engaged in an attractive user friendly designer that they can use in the comfort of their own home, in their own time.These designers can be configured with your own company branding and logo to have a consistent feel with your website. Customers can visualise their designs in 3D perspective on their own home and build up their desire for your product. Prices can be displayed while the customer designs or you can tweak a quotation to be sent by email after they have submitted their contact details as a high quality lead.

Customers can design their own windows and doors online
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