What does WindowCAD do?


With the most advanced window and door designing interface in the industry WindowCAD makes frame design actually enjoyable. There's no bombardment of menus or icons - the editing tools and options you need are displayed when you need them. Simply clicking or tapping on a part brings up the relevant options. You always work on a high quality visual of the frame and can easily switch to the frame visualiser to see the frame design on the customers home. As soon as a change is made it's saved to the cloud automatically, ready to be accessed on another device or by other members of your team.

Designing frame layouts and compsite doors in high definition

Generate leads

Having an enquiry or contact form on your website is a must have but why not give customers a good reason to submit their contact details and provide you with more leads and better quality leads. WindowCAD includes designers that were developed to do that very thing - engage and capture customers attention. Allowing customers to create their own frame configurations and view them on their home in 3D perspective increases their desire for the product and gives them the illusion that only you can supply what they desire. Customers can use the attractive user friendly designers in the comfort of their own home, in their own time to design windows, composite, patio and bi-folding doors.

Generate leads using the simplified designers for websites


Increase your chances of a sale with an impressive visual of the customers frames displayed on their home in 3D perspective. It's very easy to do - just capture a photo of their home on your mobile device on your way in. Watch their eyes light up as you add their chosen window styles presented on their photo by simply dragging them into position using the four corners. Let customers feel comfortable that their chosen frame colour is going to work on their home - otherwise try a different one. The combined image can be saved or printed, leaving a reminder of your professionalism and quality.

Visualise frames on a photo of the customers house


Pricing starts from being able to configure all your own prices yourself in a simple to use interface. Gone are the days of either being overwhelmed by complicated numbers and codes or having to pay and wait for the software developers to input your prices for you. You can add prices for every part in WindowCAD including frame style matrices and/or per metre/item for profiles. Cost prices can be input and then marked up by a percentage or value. When designing a frame, it's prices are broken down on screen and can be printed. Another way of pricing is by manually inputting a price under each frame or just a project total which can be displayed on the quotation.

Prices are broken down on screen and can be configured for your company


Show off your companies professionalism with a superb quality quotation including your company logo and contact footer. Build one or more quotation documents in the settings to display the information in a way that suits your needs. Header and footer text can be saved in the settings to display terms and conditions or contracts. Notes can be added to frames or at the end of the project which can include prices to be added to the total. Prices can either be broken down by part, by frame or just a single job total. Images are displayed in high detail and rendered to give a realistic look and can be dimensioned.

Professional quotation documents can be printed with your own logo and contact information

Manage projects

Projects are the job files within WindowCAD. They are where the customer details and their frames are stored on the cloud. You can access your projects as soon as you sign in to your account on any device. Project statuses can be set up in the settings to apply to each project and indicate what stage the job is at e.g. 'Waiting for deposit'. Projects can be filtered by status to identify what needs chasing up. Enquiries from leads generated from the designers on your website are displayed as a priority to prompt action. Find older projects quickly using the search function.

Company projects can be sorted by date or status
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